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Overclocking HP Touchpad CM9/10

Posted by faeq hussain on Thursday, August 8, 2013, In : Tips 
The app's name is: SetCPU for Root Users

Hello Touchpad users, today you will learn how to overclock you HP Touchpad! This will increase CPU speedsfor the duel Snapdragon processors, without tweaking Kernel settings (safe way)! Since all Touchpads having CM have root, I went ahead and found a simple and easy to use app (NOOBS!!!).

Features and Play-through:
SetCPU for Root Users Features and Playthrough - YouTube

1. Since this is a paid app we will pirate is through Aptoide, an alternate ...
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Insufficient Storage Available to Install Apps--FIXED!

Posted by faeq hussain on Sunday, July 28, 2013, In : Tips 

Hello Touchpad users! Have ever gotten a message saying there is 'Insufficient Storage Available' even when in Settings it says you have more then enough space available? Fret not! 

This happened (probably) because before this, the app crashed and you uninstalled it and are trying to re-install it. However the error message keeps showing up telling you that you don't have enough space available. This is because you have unused ODEX in /system/app

How to delete this ODEX? Simply get the latest v...
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Perfect Portrait/Landscape Touchstone Compatible HP Touchpad Case!

Posted by faeq00 on Sunday, July 28, 2013, In : Reviews 

Since the day I have picked up the HP Touchpad from the $99 fire sale, I have fell in love with it (once I found out a way to put Android on it). I use my Touchpad for various things, such as browsing the web, watching videos, playing games, and typing reports (on QuickOffice Pro HD). I noticed that it was rather hard typing on the Touchpad in landscape view, the only view available on the official HP Touchpad case. Another thing I did not like about that case was that it had only 3 viewing ...

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