Since the day I have picked up the HP Touchpad from the $99 fire sale, I have fell in love with it (once I found out a way to put Android on it). I use my Touchpad for various things, such as browsing the web, watching videos, playing games, and typing reports (on QuickOffice Pro HD). I noticed that it was rather hard typing on the Touchpad in landscape view, the only view available on the official HP Touchpad case. Another thing I did not like about that case was that it had only 3 viewing angles, was thin on protection, and the corners bent A LOT. However, the touchpad case was compatible with the touchstone, which I liked. So I set out to find a case with portrait and landscape views, compatible with touchstone, all while protecting my device.

                When I was searching for Touchpad cases, I noticed that there were not many cases that provided portrait mode, and all the ones that did were thin on protection, or not compatible with the touchstone. This was the case I was considering: Poetic (TM) HP Touchpad 360 degree Rotary Leather Case (, until I found out that it was not compatible with the touchstone (metal parts). I know for a fact that the touchstone and metal DO NOT MIX as metal overheats! I found other similar cases, but they all too had rotating metal parts. After more weeks of research I FINALLY found a case that fitted all of my needs: the Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Series: 'Faux' Leather Case ( for HP Touchpad coming with 12 month warranty.

                The Tuff-Luv case had all of the things on my wish-list. It was a case with portrait and landscape views, compatible with touchstone that was heavy on protection. It was compatible with the touchstone since it had no moving parts. To put it in portrait mode, simply prop it up on either of the two flaps on the front. The case also has 5 viewing angle (not counting the sixth on the close strap)! I also have a carbon fiber backing on the touchpad that seals the cracks around the speakers (a common Touchpad defect) and a screen protector on, and it still fits in the Tuff-Luv case very snug. It even has a stylus holder! This case also has cutouts for all the ports making it easier to access the buttons, and to plug in your headphones all the way. The only thing you could go wrong with is that it does not have a cutout for the light sensor, which controls the brightness in auto mode (I personally don’t use this mode as it wastes battery). However you could easily punch out a hole for it with a Heavy Duty hole puncher.

                As for the build quality, it is made out of high quality Faux Leather (vegan leather) and does not scratch the device. I tested the leather on the case with toe touchstone by letting it charge there with the Touchpad in it for three days and it did not overheat. The touchpad is held up by a stand and some Velcro (like the original Touchpad case). The Velcro doubled with the stand provide a lot of support, and it is not possible to flatten the device while it is propped on the stand as it is very sturdy. There are no loose stitches and I expect this case to last me a very long time.

                All in all this case by Tuff-Luv is a high quality case will last a lifetime and even if it does go bad somehow, it has a warranty. This case is available for $50 normally, but I got a good deal on Amazon that made it 50% off, $25. If you’re looking for a perfect Touchpad case, this is the one, so try it out, you won’t regret it.

Search around to find a good deal on this case, as I bought the last one off of Amazon (sorry)!