The app's name is: SetCPU for Root Users

Hello Touchpad users, today you will learn how to overclock you HP Touchpad! This will increase CPU speedsfor the duel Snapdragon processors, without tweaking Kernel settings (safe way)! Since all Touchpads having CM have root, I went ahead and found a simple and easy to use app (NOOBS!!!).

Features and Play-through:
SetCPU for Root Users Features and Playthrough - YouTube

1. Since this is a paid app we will pirate is through Aptoide, an alternate app marketplace (SORRY DEVELOPERS!) 
2.To install Aptoide go here and follow their instructions: Aptoide Installer
3. Once installed and setup go to this link (It will have app description too)
SetCPU for Root Users | Android Apps (Free APK)
4. Download and install.

If you get a licencing problem, additional steps apply!
5. Download latest version of Lucky Patcher here (Cracking app):
Lucky Patcher - Download Center
6. Watch this video of how to use app:
How to Remove License verification of Android Apps! Root Needed! - YouTube
7. Crack the app using the videos instructions
8. Launch app. Enjoy!